Model Eleven Experience Set


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Model Eleven is the first automatic and connected Wine Preservation System. Connect with the Coravin Moments App for added controls, including custom pour speeds, System status checks, and Capsule replacement reminders. This set includes a full complement of premium accessories for a complete Coravin experience.

Model Eleven Experience Set

What's Included

Model Eleven Wine Preservation System features automatic tip-to-pour activation, Bluetooth connectivity, and an interactive LED screen.

Coravin Pure™ Capsules are filled with pure Argon gas, manufactured and inspected to ensure the highest level of preservation with no impact to the taste of your wine.

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The Coravin Aerator creates small jets of wine as you pour, rapidly aerating wine to deliver results equivalent to 60-90 minutes decanting.

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The Coravin Screw Cap can be secured onto any screw cap bottle for use with all Coravin Needles. The self-sealing silicone protects wine up to three months.

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The Model Eleven Carry Case is a convenient way to transport your Coravin Model Eleven Wine Preservation System. Its hard-formed design will protect your Model Eleven System wherever you take it, while interior pockets hold two additional Coravin Pure™ Capsules and USB charging cable.

If your Model Eleven Needle becomes clogged, use this specially designed Clearing Tool to clear out any cork particles.

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One-Year Warranty

4.8 (5) Reviews

A New Way to Pour Wine


Align the SmartClamps™ over the neck of the bottle and push down firmly on the Handle in one fluid motion.

Tip & Pour

Tilt the bottle until the Spout is over the glass. Wine will automatically pour.

A man pouring wine into a glass using a Coravin Model Eleven Wine Preservation System for automatic pour.

How to Pour with Model Eleven

Product Details

Automatic Pour

Automatic Pour

Simply insert the Needle through the cork and tip the bottle. Your wine will automatically pour.

Color LED Display

Color LED Display

Intuitive icons let you know when it is time to charge your System and when you are connected to the Coravin Moments App.

Coravin Moments App

Coravin Moments App

Connect to the Coravin Moments App to manage gas level, battery level, pour speed, and more.


Model Eleven Wine Preservation System
Injection Molded Plastic, Stainless Steel
Coravin Pure™ Capsules
Recyclable steel, 100% pure argon gas, Synthetic rubber, Fiberglass-reinforced nylon
Stainless Steel, Injection Molded Plastic, Silicone
Standard Screw Caps
Injection Molded Plastic, Silicone, Polyethylene
Model Eleven Carry Case
Terry, Elastic band, Mesh, Nylon
Model Eleven Needle Clearing Tool

System is unresponsive.

Probable Cause: System is in Travel Mode.
Solution: Push Button once to exit Travel Mode.

Probable Cause: Battery is empty.
Solution: Charge System.

Coravin Moments App for iPhone does not find System via Bluetooth.

Probable Cause: Bluetooth is not enabled on the iPhone.
Solution: Enable Bluetooth on iPhone.

Probable Cause: Coravin Moments App is not downloaded on iPhone.
Solution: Download Coravin Moments App to iPhone from App Store.

Probable Cause: System is too far from iPhone.
Solution: Move System closer to iPhone.

Probable Cause: System battery is empty.
Solution: Charge System.

Probable Cause: System is connected to different iPhone.
Solution: Disconnect System from other iPhone. System can only be connected to one device at a time.

Wine is pouring slowly.

Probable Cause: Pour slows down before System is finished pouring glass of wine.
Solution: This is normal. Wine pours more slowly towards end of glass.

Probable Cause: Sip Mode may be engaged. Sip Icon is illuminated.
Solution: Push Button to turn Sip Mode off and pour faster.

Probable Cause: Needle is clogged or damaged.
Solution: Replace if damaged. If clogged, refer to “Clearing the Needle.”

Probable Cause: Filter in Needle is clogged.
Solution: Refer to “Cleaning the System.”

30 Day Risk-Free Trial

If you don’t love your Coravin Wine Preservation System, return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase.

One-Year Warranty

Shop with peace of mind. Coravin products are covered under a one-year warranty.




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Jack the Drunk

2 months ago

Wow! The Coravin experience finally!

I bought the Model Eleven and I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you Coravin for this wine-saver! :)


3 months ago

Wow just wow.

This is the best thing since the wheel. It takes the guess out of how to pour wine


3 months ago

I buy again

It great


1 years ago

Simply exceptional

The unboxing experience alone encapsulates everything I like about the model eleven. Every touchpoint is premium and well thought through. The design of the box and how each component is packaged within it reflect the quality and attention that goes into the product itself. Even the USB charging cable uses and angled head to make charging seamless.The stand is beautiful and the coravin itself feels great. Pairing with the companion app was easy as well and fun to use. Using the device itself was easy and the information provided through the icons was quite useful. My expectations were high for this product, and they have definitely exceeded them.


1 years ago

Wow. Just took my Model Eleven for first pour

Fully automatic indeed. Feels solid and looks sophisticated. Love the "pour vs sip" buttons on the menu. Have not been able to use bluetooth enabled app, as there's no app version for Android yet? Hope that's coming soon. Love it, for primary reason that I'm often the only wine drinker and then too cheap to open good bottle just for myself.