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How to Aerate Wine

A close up of a woman pouring red wine into a glass using a Coravin Wine Preservation System and Coravin Aerator.

How to Use the Aerator

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What are the benefits of the Coravin Aerator?

For wines that need to ”breathe”, using the Coravin System together with the Coravin Aerator instantaneously aerates your wine, equivalent to decanting for 60-90 minutes.

Does the Aerator work with all Coravin Systems?

Yes, the current version of the Aerator works with all Coravin Wine Preservation Systems. Please note that early versions of the Aerator may not work with the Model Eleven. To ensure compatibility please use the one that came with your Model Eleven package.

How do I attach the Aerator to a Coravin System?

Simply push the Aerator on to the Spout of the Coravin System. Ensure it is tightly attached. Then, use your Coravin System as you normally would.

How do I get optimal performance from the Aerator?

Please follow these helpful tips:

- Clean the Aerator regularly.
- Never use the Vintage Needle.
- Press the Trigger for a little longer for the optimal stream.
- The less wine in the bottle the more gas needed for a steady stream.