The time to start tasting or testing your oldest bottles has arrived! This set of Coravin accessories will allow you to explore your finest vintage wines in the classiest way without any risk of oxidation.

What's included?

  • Vintage Needle: The vintage cork needle is thinner than our standard needle and is designed for the older vintage bottles in your collection that may have a fragile cork. The thinner needle will be gentler on the cork resulting in a slightly slower pour than the standard needle, but patience has its rewards!
  • Six Coravin CapsulesPour 90 glasses of wine with 6 extra Coravin Capsules. Specifically designed for use with all Coravin Systems, Coravin Capsules are the power source of the Coravin System as they pressurize bottles with the purest argon gas to pour wine a glass at a time.
  • Classic Base: The Coravin Classic Base is an elegant way to store or display your Coravin System. The Classic Base is compatible with every Coravin System.

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